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Little Moscow are a band of ordinary, down to earth blokes grounded in the culture of their beloved North East of England. Hailing from Chopwell, a mining village affectionately known as - wait for it - Little Moscow, this group of close friends have played music together for more than 30 years.

This Geordie 4-piece oozes talent: brothers Kev and Joe McNestry on guitar and bass respectively, Iván Diaz on drums and violin, and Si King of the Hairy Bikers on drums and percussion. Vocal duties are shared among the band, with rich, powerful harmonies a speciality.

Having all loved music and played instruments since they were kids, Little Moscow bring together a wealth of talent, experience and knowledge.. With their own special blend of funk, rock, blues and disco, Little Moscow showcase great playing, tight grooves and soulful tunes - this is music for parties and good times.

Whether it’s a sold out club of three hundred or a festival crowd of thousands, Little Moscow deliver every time, keeping the dancefloor full and the audience wanting more. The band are currently working on their debut album, so watch this space!