Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Mandolin - pretty much anything he picks up, he plays. MR DELIVERY !


Kev delivers a performance every time, time after time without compromise. He has a great sense of the bizarre is slightly autistic and tells terrible jokes. Loves his family nearly as much as he loves his music . 


A very accomplished musician that could do with a more relaxed feel to his playing - a continued process of learning for Kev. He is a perfectionist that wanders off tangentially to realms few can follow - other than Si Harrison.

Kev’s a professional musician who, outside of Little Moscow, is completely self-contained and performs all over the north east!


Kingy (Si)


Drums, Congas, Tambourine and vocals, when he's not hitting pots & pans or anything he can hit that makes a noise.


The band tell him that other band members don’t count as things that make a noise.


Big personality, accomplished drum player, down to earth no nonsense and full of Luuurve for anyone who has the time to spend, even those who don’t have the time.


Inevitably the band will and do ask lots of questions of him so it follows that when things go wrong and they will………


It's Kingy's fault !!




Bass guitar, vocals and eye brows. What can be said about the rock in the band. Well……..

He goes from the strength to strength. When you’ve played with Joe you don’t wanna play with anyone else.You know you’ve fucked up your part when those eyebrows move!


The band lives in fear of Joe’s eye brows. He is absolutely solid ! Cool hand Luke. Dry humour understated, principled and always polished.

Joe’s a fireman to pay the bills  and has his own micro-pub The Red House in Chopwell itself..




THE RACING SNAKE.  Drums and violin, - The newest member of the band - he’s only been around 15yrs.


The quiet riot of the band. A classically trained musician with a PhD in music, an accomplished drum player and all round gentle popping protagonist.


The most unlikely candidate in the band to have picked up the soap at her majesties pleasure. Understated, community based individual who always thinks as a collective. Resistance to his charm is futile . 


Can't drink tequila - sadly.